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Your patients and your doctor’s browsers and
mobile applications - Livecare provides video
consultations for remote and home care
patients bringing doctors straight to patients.

Meets patient
and Doctors needs,
every time, everywhere.




Live Help

Live Branch is a virtual branch idea that works best where meeting clients face to face is the cornerstone of business. Be it an insurance company, investment fund, financial advisory, travel agency, real estate market or modern health-care facility.

  • Your remote patients will be able to have consultations with their doctors easier and faster thanks to the video, audio or text chat feature while sharing their screen with the specialist.  All of this at their fingertips – LiveCare works both in browser and on mobile devices. LiveCare24 is helping reduce logistic costs and provide futuristic nursing solutions for Aged Care in Rural and Remote Communities.


  • LiveCare supports client authentication and authorisation, including proprietary voice biometry, a game-changer for client convenience and consultation security.  Every session is recorded, encrypted and stored in a a central repository, easily accessible for future reference and compliance


  • We offer much more than just video communication – with LiveCare your clients will experience the same service as if they visited a physical branch: they will easily insure themselves, book a home visit or consult a doctor live online.

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